General features of CONTROL BUTTON (CB) Displays
- We offer a first rotary switch control button based on OLED/PLED graphic module with capacitive touch functionhality.
- An OLED (Organic-Light-Emitting-Diode) is an light emitting diode whose emissive electroluminescent layer is composed of a film of organic compounds. The layer usually contains a polymer substance that allows suitable organic compounds to be deposited. They are deposited in rows and columns onto a flat carrier by a simple “printing” process. The resulting matrix of pixels (or custom segments) can emit light of different colors.
- As significant benefit of OLED displays over traditional liquid crystal displays is that OLEDs do not require a backlight. So the low power consumption is ideal for handheld products.
- The main feature is the combination of capacitive touch tunctionality with rotation button functionality using OLED display.
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